There is always some element of each season that can be unpredictable and potentially cause problems for homeowners. While spring creates tornadoes and strong winds, summer brings rain and thunderstorms and humidity.

If your home has unidentified problem areas or potential damaging factors near your home, summer storms can be bad news for you. There are a few areas and elements you should check for before the summer arrives. Remember to always have another person help if you get on your roof or use a ladder to access any of the areas listed.

1. Clean Gutters

This one comes up often in roof-care tip sheets because it’s so important. Clogged gutters in the summer heat and storms can leak into your home and cause damage and mold. This can ruin your roof or attic, causing the need for major repairs. Clogged gutters won’t drain water away from your home properly and may seep into your basement as well.

2. Check High and Low Spots

Checking the crawlspace or attic of your home for any water spots or leaks can stop a small problem from becoming huge. Your basement is just as important to check for any signs of outside water. Your home’s foundation could suffer if there is a leak. Not knowing about these areas’ conditions in your home puts your home at significant risk.

3. Check Trees In Your Yard

A storm can be the final push a tree needs to send large branches flying towards your roof. Or worst-case scenario, a dead tree could come crashing down on your home. Routinely check your yard for any dead trees or loose hanging branches. Cutting those down can really save you from worry during the next raging storm.

4. Check Skylights or Sun Tunnels

If you have one, check your skylight between every season, ideally. The seal on a skylight is very similar to one on a window. If the seal is bad or broken, water can drip through to your home and into your ceiling. If you see water on the inside of your skylight, that’s another sign you need to repair the seal around it.

5. Clear Vents

Since summer brings high humidity and heat with it, your vents need to be operating unhindered. A blocked vent could trap moisture and heat in your attic or roof, causing a greater chance of mold and damage. Make sure to check vents and remove any possible blockage to prevent trapping any moisture in your home.

You can self-perform these checks to keep your roof well-maintained for summer storms. Enjoy the rain and sounds of thunder without worrying about your home’s condition.

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