We repair and build roofs to keep our family safe and property from being damaged. When your home does suffer some damage you want it to be properly repaired with little to no stress for you. There are many ways to ensure you will be covered when this happens, and we want you to know how you can be prepared for any accidents, damage by weather, or disaster. We have a few suggestions that you can use to make certain your insurance is inclusive so that when you need help, you have full access to the coverage you need.

1. What type of insurance coverage do you have?

Your homeowner’s insurance can cover a multitude of damages when things get bad. It can also leave you feeling high and dry if you aren’t fully covered. Be sure that where you live is considered in what you get covered and what amount of liability it covers.

Most policies protect against lightning, explosions, hail, and fire. Another thing to consider in Oklahoma is knowing if the area you live in is prone to flood or not. These are all common things that are included covered in most insurance policies. Most insurance providers would recommend that the coverage amount for your home is equal to the replacement value of your home. This will protect your finances if your home or roof gets damaged or destroyed. You won’t have to pay out of pocket to rebuild or repair as it will be covered by your policy.

2. What type of policy do you have for your roof?

Specifically, you need to know if you have an ACV or RCV policy. Actual Cash Value policies include depreciation on the value of your roof. So if your roof gets damaged you may end up having to pay the difference of depreciation and the deductible from your own savings instead of getting fully covered.

The remedy to this is to have a Replacement Cost Value policy. This eliminates unnecessary worrying about whether you are fully covered. With a policy like this, you are left needing only to pay the deductible, while your insurance provider takes care of the rest.

3. Do you have a low deductible?

Winter is slowly waning away and this gives way to storm season. Oklahoma has a very unpredictable storm season with hail, tornadoes, and a plethora of other weather surprises. Having a low deductible on your policy will play a huge part in the replacement or repair of your roof should any damages be incurred. The percentage you should be aiming for is around 1%. If you do not already have this, we encourage that you do have a conversation with your provider, and reach out to us if you are in need of a referral! A low deductible will save you a great deal of money in the unfortunate event of roof damage and it will help you feel at ease about your coverage during the chaotic weather.

We’d say that overall, it’s important that you call your home insurance agent to get these questions answered so you aren’t guessing until it’s too late. Ask about your deductible, how much you are covered for, and if you have an RCV policy.

As always, if you have any questions about what to look for or ask for in detail, call us (918) 994-2874 or contact us through the form below.

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