Hurricanes and tornadoes are some of the most extreme cases of weather we ever experience. Oklahoma has around 40-50 tornadoes a year, and some of the most extreme tornadoes clock in at 300mph winds.

As you can imagine, some people wonder if there is any way to get extra protection against strong winds. While some cities are trying to implement building codes that fortify homes against tornadoes, there are some building upgrades homeowners can look into or even build on their own. Let us help you identify a few things you can do before tornado season comes this year!

1. Fortify Your Garage Door

The garage door is one of the first things to fly off of a home during a tornado. Your home would be left vulnerable because wind can blow through your home and cause more damage. There are a few manufacturers that make heavier, insulated garage doors that can bolt into your concrete floor and DIY brace systems that can be assembled and fitted to your garage in a matter of hours. Generally made from space-grade aluminium and you can take off the braces until a tornado warning goes into effect.

2. Hurricane Clips

Hurricane clips can be effective for tornadoes as well since their purpose is to better secure your roof against high wind speeds. Hurricane clips are secured to the top plate of your home and then attached to the trusses or rafters of your roof. This ensures your roof and sheathing can withstand the stronger winds that come with a tornado or storm.

3. Protect Your Windows

There are a few ways to protect your windows. Storm shutters are an option, or just fastening plywood boards in front of your windows. You can buy clips to attach to these plywood boards that dig into the brick when strong winds blow. And now you can even install impact-resistant windows that prevent shattered glass—which can become fatal as flying debris in your home.

4. ICF Walls

ICF stands for Insulating Concrete Forms, an interlocking series of blocks that make an airtight, highly durable structure. ICF walls pass FEMA’s pressure tests and have even withstood EF2 tornadoes. In some regions, ICF is priced similarly to a typical wooden house frame construction. You can also brace a specific room in your home to designate a safe room for when a tornado.

5. Have A Storm Shelter or Designate A Safe Place

The most important thing during a tornado is keeping your loved ones safe. Having a plan and specific place to take shelter can be crucial in tornado season. Looking into installing a manufactured storm shelter or even strengthening a room with ICF can mean a world of difference for your family’s safety.

We place safety above everything, which is the reason we write this for you. Some of these upgrades are fairly inexpensive if you do them yourself and can save more than just your property—it can help save lives.

If you have questions about your roof or home upgrades this season, we can answer your questions and point you in the right direction if you need further help.

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