Your roofing contractor can make or break the repair or replacement of your roofing project. Unfortunately, there are far too many horror stories of people getting leaks or damages right after repairs—or even worse, the job wasn’t finished and money still changed hands. Some people think they can spot a bad deal a mile away, but it isn’t always as easy as you  think.might.

We want you to know what questions to ask and what to look for when hiring a roofing professional. Use these tips to ensure your home and your wallet will be protected and safe in the hands of a reliable roofing contractor.

1. Send A Proposal or Contract

You should receive a proposal stating exactly what work will be done on your roof and what materials will be used. A detailed item list is a good sign your contractor is a working professional and you can know exactly how much each item costs, including labor. The itemized list isn’t always provided depending on who you’re working with, but you should ask for one for peace of mind.

2. Has Proper Licensing

Your contractor should be licensed by the city you live in or the state. Don’t work with a contractor who isn’t licensed. A good contractor will be able to present a copy of their license when asked. This can cover any liability the roofer could incur and ensures that you don’t have to burden that liability. There are those out there that will do your roof for cheap out of the back of their pickup, but it isn’t as safe as hiring a licensed professional.

3. Stays Local

When some contractors canvas your neighborhood, they may not be from your city. This means they can come from out of town to pick up jobs caused by a recent storm or bad weather. Find a roofing contractor through referrals, a web search of your local area, or even from a job you’ve seen completed near you. This way you can trust who you’re hiring and see the previous work they’ve done.

4. Knows How to Handle Insurance

A good roofing contractor should know how to deal with insurance policies. The homeowner will have to pay the deductible to begin roof repair or replacement. A contractor that says they can start work without a deductible paid could actually be committing fraud. If a contractor says they can also handle your insurance claim, that is illegal in many states. Be mindful of your insurance policy and make sure your contractor is aware of these things as well.

5. Doesn’t Pressure You

This sounds obvious, but if a contractor displays forceful behavior, do not work with them. If a contractor is pressuring you to pay for a certain item or repair, don’t work with them. Your home needs to be inspected by an insurance adjuster and then the contractor. Don’t feel rushed by a contractor telling you to sign before this has happened.

Your home needs a quality roof to protect and insulate you and your family, so your contractor should make quality their number one priority and be transparent with you when working. We hate to see good people taken advantage of by unprofessional roofing practices and people.

Keep this checklist in mind when looking for a roofing specialist. We love to help those who are in need of quality roofing and professional service. If you would like to contact us with questions on contractors or what services we can provide, call us at (918) 994-2874 or fill out the form below.

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  • Ellie Davis says:

    It’s interesting to know that a good roofing contractor will send you a proposal about the job that needs to be done. My husband is thinking about replacing the roof at my mother’s house, and we are looking for advice. I will let him know about your recommendations to find the right roofing contractor for the job.

  • Kate Hansen says:

    It’s good to know that they should have a license in your city. My roof has had a bad leak in it for a couple of weeks now and it’s been causing bad water damage to my attic, and I want to get it fixed as soon as possible. I’ll make sure to keep this information in mind as I search for a quality roofer.

  • Fay says:

    My husband was reading this article the other night and he told me that he liked how you explained that a good roofing contractor should be able to present documentation of their licenses as soon as they are asked. Personally, I believe this type of criteria should be applied in almost all aspects of life when hiring professional services. We have noticed that our roof is sagging and we are worried about its strength, so we need to hire someone with experience to take care of this.

  • Rebecca Gardnere says:

    It made sense when you said that choosing a locally-established roofing contractor lets us actually see some of the work they’ve done for previous clients. My husband and I need to hire a roofing contractor to repair the damage to our asphalt shingles from a bad storm last week. Thanks for teaching me what factors we should consider as we start looking for a roofer that’ll be a good fit!

  • Wade Joel says:

    I loved that you mentioned you need to consider hiring a roofing contractor that has the proper license to help you in your project. My wife and I are thinking about how to keep our roof in good shape, and we are looking for advice about what to do. I will let her know about your recommendations to choose the right roofing contractor to help us.

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  • Thomas Clarence says:

    My wife and I are thinking of hiring a roofing contractor so that we can have our roof renovated so that it can last for at least another 10 years. We appreciate the advice about finding a contractor through a job that has been completed near you. These tips you shared will help us find a reliable roofer that can do some good work on our home.

  • Greta James says:

    Thank you so much for informing me that a good roofer should have the licensing to cover liability for the job. I have a steeply pitched roof, so I am worried about people getting on the roof to fix the leaks that it has. However, I need the job done as soon as possible because it sounds like a bog rainstorm might be coming through in just over a week, and I do not want the rain to damage my home. I will have to look into professional roofing contractors that could help me.

  • Roof Coatings says:

    Hiring a professional roofer is always critical. Most homeowners make the mistake of hiring any random company they can get without researching enough. Not all roofers out there are to be trusted; however, some companies are very professional. Roofing installation, repair, or replacement requires a lot of skills that are not easily earned so make your decision wisely.

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    To make the process easier, it is advisable to use metal brushes and sugar-soap solutions. Once the surface is absolutely clean, the paint will stay on for years. 3. Insist on UV protection: Before painting the roof of your house, make sure that the paint you use is UV resistant.

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  • Wade Joel says:

    My wife and I are thinking about how to prevent roofing problems in our house, and we are looking for advice to choose the right person to help us. It’s interesting to know that a professional roofing contractor will ensure to have the proper license to help you with your problems. I will let her know about your recommendations to choose the right roofing company to help us.

  • Megan Alder says:

    You made a great point when you said hiring someone that is not pressuring you, speaks great about them. My husband and I have been thinking about hiring a roofing company, and we are looking for advice. I will make sure we don´t feel rushed by a contractor telling us to sign before all you mentioned happened.

  • Brian says:

    I completely believe that good roofers must render a satisfactory roof repair or other services instead of pressurizing for forceful unnecessary charges separately. Transparency while dealing with customers is a must. Thanks for sharing an informative piece. It is worth reading.

  • Industrial ventilation nz says:

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  • EPDM says:

    Hiring a roofing contractor is more beneficial than doing it on your own. Roofing contractors have access to the right supplies, materials, and equipment to carry out the job successfully. In addition, they are able to overcome any issue or challenges that they can detect after carrying out a detailed roof inspection. Therefore, if you want the best services in the industry, you should hire an experienced and licensed roofing contractor.

  • Rachel Frampton says:

    I’m planning to replace my home’s current roof with a slate roof because I heard that the latter is sturdier, which is why I’ve decided to start looking for a roofer. Well, of course, you’re right that the chosen service must be able to present a copy of their license. It’s also a good thing that you were able to discuss here the importance of checking their insurance policy first.

  • Reggie Arnold says:

    I saw a similar post on another website but the points were not as well articulated. Thank you for the information.

  • Pete says:

    Good advice. A reputable roofing contractor is a must. Roof replacements and new roof installations are an investment that should be protected on the front end with a reliable roofing company and on the back end by a great roof warranty covering materials and labor.

  • Taylor Hicken says:

    Thank you for sharing that it is great to search for a roofing contractor through referrals of your trusted friends and family. My friend just mentioned the other day that she is worried about her house as the roof has been leaking for days due to extreme weather conditions. I will suggest to her find a reliable roofing company that is recommended by your friends and family.

  • Henry Killingsworth says:

    Thank you for pointing out that it is a good idea to use a local web search when you are looking for a roofing contractor. Using the internet to find a roofer makes sense because you can also read reviews that previous customers have written. This seems like the best way to find the most reliable roofing company in your area.

  • Braden Bills says:

    I want to get a new roof installed, but I don’t know how to do it myself. It makes sense that I would want to get a properly licensed roofing specialist to help me out with this. I can see how they would be able to ensure that my new roof is put in according to the best standards.

  • Rachel Frampton says:

    I would like to replace my home’s roof with a new one, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for a roofer. Well, I also agree with you that it will be wiser to hire a licensed and insured roofer. Thank you for sharing that it will be wiser to opt for a local contractor since this will be more practical.

  • Hazel Jones says:

    The 5 signs that you have shared is really amazing, thank you so much for sharing this information. keep up the good work.

  • Olivia Smart says:

    Thank you for explaining that you should find a roofing contractor that gives you a proposal that states exactly what work will be done and what materials will be used. I’ve been wondering what I should look for in a roofer to help us with fixing some problems we’ve recently found. I’ll be sure to keep this in mind so I can be assured of what work they will be performing for us.

  • Charlotte Fleet says:

    My neighbor’s roof was damaged the other night during a wind storm, and they need to hire a contractor to repair it. I am glad you talked about how a good roofing contractor will be willing to show you a copy of their license. I will share this tip with my neighbor soon so they can find a qualified professional to fix their roof.

  • John Carston says:

    My favorite part of this article is that insurance policies are important and your service provider must know how to handle them. My cousin mentioned to me last night that he is planning to have their roof repaired because of leaks and clogging, and he asked me if I had any idea what is the best option to resolve it. Thanks to this informative article, I’ll be sure to tell him that he can consult a trusted roofing contractor as they can provide more information about the repair process.

  • Rachel Frampton says:

    My home’s roof is already leaking, and that is why I’ve decided to start looking for a roofer. Well, I also agree with you that it will be best to hire a licensed and accredited roofer. Thank you for sharing the importance of comparing prices too.

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