The ice and heavy rain from the winter can cause damages that leave your roof and home vulnerable to mold or leaks. Regular checks and simple maintenance can go a long way in protecting your roof and ultimately your home.

When you are checking your roof, use a sturdy ladder and have another person nearby. This can help prevent any accidents or slips on the roof.

1. Clear debris from your roof.

If any large branches have fallen on your roof, you will need to remove those as soon as you can. This can prevent future damage to your shingles. If you have trees near your home be sure to check if any branches are half broken or could be a problem for your roof in the future. The branches and leaves on your roof can damage your shingles or cause mold to grow. Clean your roof on a dry day to avoid increased chances of falling or slipping as well.

2. Check your roof for damages or shingles.

Any missing, broken, or lifted shingles will need to be replaced to keep your roof protected. If some shingles have bare spots then they will also need to be replaced. Also, look for mold or moss growing on shingles. There are store-bought removers that you can spray on affected shingles to remove moss and mold before they spread. If there are big patches of shingles that are bare or broken then your roof may need professional repairs or replacement.

3. Hidden areas to check.

One place some people neglect to check is the attic or crawlspace of your home. Water stains or mold in your attic can be an indication that your roof is wearing thin or has broken shingles that need to be repaired or replaced. Check all vents, chimneys, skylights, or any other areas where debris can be trapped or built up. Clogged gutters that are filled with sticks and leaves can cause water damage to your home or cause mold to spread onto your roof. Cleaning them regularly can protect your roof from many issues occurring.

If you have constant trouble areas on your roof every season talk to us about solving the issue. There are ways to prepare your roof for more extreme weather conditions. There are installations to save you from trouble in the long run like ice build up or rain drain off.

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